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The Rise of the mortal races. (-5000-1500 BC)

Archeological evidence gives rough evidence as to the oldest remains found of those races who currently live upon the world of Anvar.Ilmari ruins are thought to predate this time but no solid evidence has been found to confirm the theory.

• ~4500-4000 BC: Estimated date of the ancient civilization in Virmor.

• ~4000 BC: The estimated date of the last elf leaving the Western Reach.

• 3550 BC: King Maldor ascends the throne of Laranor.

• 2888 BC: King Maldor is murdered by an ogre packmaster and his eldest son, Meldarion ascends the throne.

• 2888 – 2839 BC: The War of the Túrandan: Meldarion swears on the grave-tree of his father to avenge his death, and embarks on a long campaign against the ogre kingdoms. Upon his return he is crowned High King of the kingdoms of the west.

• 2839 – 2785 BC: Unification of the elven kingdoms of the west. The last to join in 2785 BC is Imloth, ruled by king Taurion.

• 2645 BC: Wedding of High King Meldarion to Almárëa, daughter of Taurion.

• 2630 BC: Aranhil, the heir of Meldarion is born.

• 2629 BC: Almárëa dies of a summer sickness.

• 2620 BC: Turalion is called to the court of the High King in Laranmas, and there strikes up a close friendship with his cousin Aranhil.

• 2490 BC: Taurion is killed by a rogue wyvern near the Western Reach. Turalion is recalled to take his father’s seat.

• 1999 BC: High King Meldarion is murdered by troll assassins.

• 1999 – 1990 BC: The corruption of Aranhil and by extension the lands of the High Kingdom.

• 1990-1988 BC: The Demon War. Turalion leads the newly made paladins and priest of Aurvandil against the demonic forces commanded by Aranhil.

• 1988 - 1973 BC: The First Crusade takes place as Saint-King Turalion leads his people in the cleansing of the west. It culminates in Turalion’s death in the valley of Hellarand.

The Time of Great Empires. (-1500-1000 BC)

• 1973 BC: Valauthiel ascends the throne of the High Kingdom, which is renamed Calandor. Valauthiel spends most of her reign in administration, establishing Calandor as it is known today.

• 1566 BC: Valauthiel dies of old age, and is succeeded by her niece Valadhiel.

• 1389 BC: Calandor sends out colony ships to the world at large. They settle several locations in Anaturu and Virmor.

• 1380 BC: Turanost in Virmor is founded by the Calandorean elves.

• 1382 BC: Calandorean colonists finish the building of Anarost in Anaturu.

• 1355 BC: A dragon whose name is still unknown razes several port cities around the Inland Sea before it is killed.

• 1355 – 1310 BC: The Second Crusade. The elves attempt to exterminate the dragons of Anaturu, and fail miserably. Valadhiel is killed in 1309 BC, in what would be the last true battle.

• 1333 BC: Turanost is abandoned due to high incidents of attunement.

• 1310 BC: Barathon ascends the throne in Aglarost.

• 1308 – 1203 BC: The Third Crusade, a time of Calandorean expansion into the east.

• 909 BC: Barathon dies of old age, and his son Arandur ascends the throne.

The Journey West (-750 BC)

• In the South the leaders of Humanity begin to speak of a life not lived under the threat of the draconic, of visions and dreams of lands where they might live free and prosper.

• ~700 BC: Humans from the tribe of Agryos arrive in Virmor.

• Humanity spreads across the world. Most travel west and discover the Orcish lands, conflicts happen but the Humans gain a foothold and begin to expand.

• 540 BC: An orcish holy site thick with silver ash trees and home to a silver skeleton of a dragon is conquered by the Agryans and renamed Aspatria.

• 539 BC: After experimentation with certain ores at Aspatria, the Agryans discover truesilver.

The Great Age of Agyros (-500-300 BC)

• 500BC: The Empire of Agyros reaches its most prosperous age.

• Feats of Arcano-Engineering unseen since the time of the Titans are built.

• 493BC: Agyros sends ships out across the waves and begins to trade with the other continents.

• As their Empire grows only further the military minds of The Silver States turn their gaze to the other race laying claim to the Western Isle of Virmor.

The City of the Dead and the Rise of Darkness. (-400 BC)

• 450BC: With the wavering of the Elven realm the Dwarves seize the chance to expand their own borders. New mountain cities are carved out and at the center of their realm the great Necropolis is built, there to house the dead of the Dwarven race in honour and memory.

• 402BC: The Dwarves reach the height of their Nation. The first recorded presence of "Spirits" is seen in the world, taken to be the souls of the ancestors come back to guide their descendants.

• 401 BC: The Draugr tear out the heart of the Dwarven Nation, The Shadow War rages across the Northern Continent until in time the Dwarves are able to seal the nightmares into the deep places.

• 400 BC: Almarind in Calandor is destroyed by the undead in the space of one autumn night. The paladins of Aurvandil lead a purge of the former province.

• 399 BC: The purge of Almarind is complete.

• 399 BC: In the wake of the Shadow War General Verundane takes the mantle of Emperor and unites the surviving Dwarven nation into the Empire of Steel and Stone.

• 397 BC: The port city of Ostirion is sacked by ogres.

• 379 BC: Emperor Verundane I dies, his eldest son takes the crown and the title of Verundane II.

• 350 BC: After a winter of heavy raiding, Arandur recalls the Calandorean colonists to the west, as the Calandorean armies are not able to protect all their territories from both troll and ogre aggressions.

• 343 BC: Agryan colonists are cast north, the fickle nature of the tides sending them apart from their fellows, there to land in the south of the Dwarven Realm, only to be moved on north.

• 323 BC: The dwarves settle Ostirion, despite protests from Calandor.

• 310 BC: Tiridor is founded as a protection against the northern ogre kingdoms.

• 309 BC: Arandur dies in an ogre ambush, succeeded by his nephew Kelros.

• 303 BC: In the north The Valmar wage war upon the raiding Ogres, the name of Helek Greathammer first rings through the fjords.

• 297 BC: Verundane II is killed fighting an outbreak of undead in the depths below the eastern mountains. His body is never recovered. In his place his son takes the crown though many believe him too young.

• 281 BC: Helek Greathammer, hero of The Valmar and flame of Brenna dies. Fallen atop a great mound of his foes as he routed an Ogre raid.

• 280 BC: In memory of the fallen hero Honour’s Stand is founded in Valmar.

War in the West. (-250-200 BC)

• 249BC: Tensions in the Western lands begin to escalate. Orcs and Agryos fought a near constant war over the land. Orcs fought with the power of the Elements, drawing on the powers of earth and the wisdom of their ancestors to guide them. Agryos brought the fearsome power of the Arcane to bear, weapons and constructs of might and magic that tore at the world as they harvested precious resources to fuel their ever changing nation.

• 195 BC: Emperor Verundane III, now known as “Verundane the wise” dies at the age of 156.

• 155-151 BC: The years of the empty throne, missing since before his father’s death Ergand Verundane returns to the Empire after long years questing in Anaturu. He is crowned Emperor Verundane IV.

• 139 BC: The Dwarven Empire begins an expansion south into the Dwemwyre forest.

• 134 BC: New settlements are founded and fortified by the dwarves along its newly claimed lands.

• 68 BC: Emperor Verundane IV dies after being struck down with a sickness that spread through a number of the Empires holds. Empress Verundane I ascends to the throne.

• 15BC: Driven on by greed and lust of power Agryos begin to quest deeper for sources of energy and the means to expand their wealth.

• 11 BC: A small clan in the valleys near Aspatria is visited by one who will later be known as Balar the Uniter, and their elders gather to hear of his visions. After hearing him out a council of every tribe is called to discuss the future of the orcish race.

• 10 BC: The Great Gathering, whereupon every orc tribe in Virmor able to sends a representative to hear out Balar. By the end of it Balar has earned the name the Uniter, and sets the orcs to work preparing to leave Virmor.

• 9BC: The Agryan military begins its second sphere of expansion, pushing into the orc held lands.

• 1 BC: The exodus of the orcs.

Year 0: The Cataclysm sunders the western isle

In the north. (1-198 AC)

• The Orcs and Agryan survivors travel north before or in the wake of the Cataclysm.

• 1AC: The southwest coast of Ilmarin is devastated by towering waves thrown up by the destructive forces of the Cataclysm.

• 1 AC: The orcs, under the leadership of Balar the Uniter, beach on the coastline near the Iron Hills. King Kelros of Calandor accepts them as allies. The orcs settle in the Whispering Woods (formerly Almarind) and the Iron Hills. The survivors of Agryos settle in the lands surrounding the Inland Sea.

• 2AC: The dwarves leave their settlements on the south coast of Ilmarin. Passing the ruins over to the Agryans to rebuild.

• 3 AC: Skāruhk in the Iron Hills is completed and Balar takes it as his seat. That winter the orc tribes swear fealty to him.

• 4-7 AC: First invasion of Tiridor by the ogres. The Calandoreans and their new orc allies drive them off easily. During this time several raiding parties attempt an unsuccessful invasion through the Iron Hills.

• 10AC: New Agryos is officially founded with the establishment of the Triumvirate of Silver.

• 13 AC: A breakaway faction from New Agryos settles in elven lands below the Iron Hills, led by a priest named Vasilios.

• 21 AC: Second invasion of Tiridor, repelled at its northern borders by the end of the summer.

• In the years and decades following the re-establishment to Humanity the first of the race that would come to be known as The Manaborn appear.

• 50 AC: Peredur is officially named as sovereign territory, with Vasilios as its king.

• 55 AC: King Vasilios dies, and is succeeded by his son Theron.

• 66-68 AC: Third invasion of Tiridor, repelled with difficulty by the Calandoreans and orcs.

• 74 AC: Emperess Verundane I passes, a year long period of mourning is called for by her successor. Crowned Emperor Verundane V.

• 81 AC: Dwarven invasion into eastern Tiridor and the Sword Mountains. Repelled by the orcs.

• 82 AC: Balar the Uniter abdicates his throne. After a summer of trials, his grand-niece Goruja Redblade is elected as the new warchief.

• 83 AC: King Theron of Peredur dies, and is succeeded by his son Elis.

• 94 AC: Peredur is invaded by New Agryos. The tribes of the Whispering Woods rebel against Goruja’s leadership and refuse to join her in aiding Peredur.

• 94-98 AC: The Years of Strife. Peredur and its allies fight a desperate war against New Agryos, ending in the Battle of Deepdale. A solid alliance is formed with the orcs of the Iron Hills, at the cost of Goruja Redblade’s life and nearly three-quarters of her army.

• 99 AC: Urula, a former lieutenant of Goruja, is elected to her place of warchief. She will spend most of her rule healing the wounds of Deepdale.

• 108 AC: New Agryos wages war on the trolls of the Dwemwyre, culminating in the burning of large areas of forest.

• 121 AC: An orcish incursion into the Shield Mountains ends in disaster, ended only by the intervention of an adventurer named Trask the Waylander and his allies.

• 122 AC: Princess Talaith of Peredur embarks on a quest to slay the Beast of Uru. In the process thereof she rescues, and later falls in love with, a Haraan numun named Temur.

• 124 AC: Urula succumbs to the injuries she received in the Shield Mountains, and Trask is elected in her place.

• 125 AC: Princess Talaith and numun Temur are married, with Temur bringing a herd of one hundred horses as his dowry. The Peredans start to train cavalry.

• 154 AC: Trask the Waylander retires from his position of warchief due to reasons of advancing age and travels to the Whispering Woods. Varryn Wolfseye is elected as Warchief.

• 157 AC: The Grey Plague strikes Peredur, killing most of the royal family and tens of thousands of Peredans.

• 159 AC: Arianrhod, the daughter of Temur and Talaith, ascends the throne of Peredur. Not soon afterwards the first tentative incursions into Peredur by Agryan forces begin.

• 160 AC: Attas Ironfang, son of Trask, reveals the treachery of Varryn Wolfseye, now the Betrayer, and takes his place as warchief.

• 161 AC: Emperor Verundane V passes, leaving the throne to his daughter who takes the title of Empress Verundane II. A follower of Rhundr, she is quick to establish a reputation in high regard across the Empire as she promotes a wave of intellectual discovery.

• 163 - 166 AC: Civil war rends the Iron Hills, as Attas Ironfang’s harsh rule provokes a clan rebellion. During this time Trask returns from the Whispering Woods to aid the rebellion against his son. Attas is slain by his father and the war ends.

• 165 AC: King Kelros dies at a great age under suspicious circumtances, and is succeeded by son Baratheon the Second.

• 167 AC: Trask the Waylander abdicates for the second time. No warchief is elected in his place, and the clan unity in the Iron Hills dissolves.

• 170 AC: A band of ogre raiders from the Sword Mountains are revealed to have been armed with Corrin weapons. Corrin – and New Agryos – deny all involvement. Soon afterwards Queen Arianrhod leads a retaliatory strike against New Agryos.

• 171 – 181AC: The Wars of Aggression. Once again a bitter war springs up between New Agryos and the Calandor-Peredur-orcish alliance.

• 172: The Calandorean port of Annúlorn is bombarded by a white ship.

• 176 AC: Deepdale is blighted by New Agryan alchemical weaponry.

• 179 AC: Skāruhk is attacked by a New Agryan taskforce, and its fortress is broken.

• 181 AC: New Agryos calls upon its treaties with the Dwarven Empire to aid it in their war. Instead the Empire proposes a treaty. The Treaty of Farhaven is signed.

The turning of the age. (198AC- )

• 198 AC:

New Sun-
The armies of New Agryos launch an invasion into The Lost Lands. Conquest is swift and vast swathes of previously lawless land are bought under the Silver Banner.
21/New Sun. Within Farhaven members of the Crown Adventuring Group foil a smuggling plot, and find evidence of a darker threat below the streets of the city.
04/High Sun. The Crown Adventuring Group follow up on evidence to continues smuggling, this takes them to the backwater town of Meran. There they uncover further operations of the Blackwell Company under the leadership of "The Broker".
25/High Sun. At the request of the Church of Aurvandil a those of the Crown Adventuring Group journey into the Mournvale (previously The Morning Vale), an ancient elven settlement in The Lost Lands. They find the area fallen into darkness and haunted by the spirits of the lost. Venturing into the haunted town a lost relic of Aurvandil is recovered to unknown cost.

• 199 AC:

Harvest's End-
27/ Harvest's End. Social disruption continues within Farhaven as sporadic cases of fighting and violence on the streets break out. The Watch respond with a somewhat increased presence but a number of civilian deaths are reported though gang violence.
Winter's Stirring
12/ Winter's Stirring. The war in the Lost Lands continues to rage causing the displacement of countless refugees. Fleeing the impending conflict the citizens of Herls Rise flee into the Dwemwyre. Captured by those who dwell within, they are rescued by the brave efforts of the Crown Adventuring Company at the behest of the Church of Halda.
26/ Winter's Stirring. An Agryan Medical Centre, supported by the Church of Halda is struck by a alchemical plague. Reports state it is believed to have been related to the deployment of an Agryan weapon within the Lost Lands though no official word have yet come from the Triumvirate on the matter.
High Winter-
Within Farhaven representatives of every nation meet to discuss the matter of the war in the Lost Lands.
10/ High Winter. In the Lost Lands the port of Tortenna is attacked, exact details are scarce but it is believe to be the result of internal conflict in the area brought on by the invasion.
Winter's End-
Judgement of the Council of Farhaven, finds Agryos did not commit any crimes against the law of the Treaty of Farhaven.
28/ Winter's End. The Port City of Van Harr in the Eastern Lost Lands sides with Agryos in the ongoing war. In the following weeks Agryan ships are sighted in the Bay of Blades with numerous landings along the coast and deployment of troops to the west of Van Harr.
New Budding-
11/ New Budding. In the Shadow Coast a previously thought lost Agryan White Ship from the time of the Cataclysm is recovered. Within was rumoured to be found a priceless artefact from the "Golden Age" of Old Agryos.
25/ New Budding. Though not wildly known to the populace of Farhaven a secret war rages in the depths of the sunken ruins of the old city. Undead forces rise from the dark waters in search of the living. With the aid of the adventurers of The Two Crowns and the power of the Gods the darkness is cast back.
High Budding-
11/ High Budding. Within the Broken Isles a series of horrific events unfold as hidden secrets as to the dealings of the Silverline Company are revealed.
Attacks rock the lands of Agryos, Farhaven and the Lost Lands as unknown assailant show their hand.
15/ High Budding. With violence spreading further across the lands numerous Agryos affiliated sites come under attack. In Farhaven the Harro Trading House is destroyed in a suspected attack.
New Sun-
13/ New Sun. Within the Foothills of the Sword Mountains potential disaster is adverted for the Peredan war effort when an Ogre attempt to raise a fearsome "Mountain Breaker" from its slumber below the mountains is foiled by the heroic actions of the Crown Adventuring Company. News of the events spreads quickly across the lands and within the City of Farhaven.
27/ New Sun. In the depths of the Sword Mountains, on the edge of the Iron Hills the discovery of a near intact Ilmari site sends ripples through the lands of Ilmarin. The name of the Two Crowns rises again as they are credited with its official discovery.
10/ High Sun. Attacks in the Lost Lands against Agryan Caravans reaches its peak. The attacks, believed to be carried out by members of the group known as "The Blood" targeted military supply caravans in a perceived effort to disrupt Agryan activities. With a halt to the attacks military activity has once again been able to continue without interference.
1/ Sun's Set. The Fall of Watcher's Keep. In the southern Lost Lands the besieged city of Watcher's Keep falls the the Agryan forces. The Fortress-City had held off the invaders for over a month before a combined assault by the Agryan army and their allies of VanHarr sundered the defences and captured the city. Reports of the death-toll during the attack are unclear though some sources place it has being worryingly high.

• 200 AC:

Harvest's End-
14/ Harvest's End. Unrest across the city of Farhaven as continued tensions boil over. Meanwhile reports of a overly large wild animal haunting the streets
Winter's Stirring
4/ Winter's Stirring. Undead activity with the quarantined area of the Iron Hills reaches its peak. The region having been struck down by a serious outbreak of the Grey Plague, undead believed to have risen from the plagues victims were reported to be acting with previously unseen coordination. Reports detail the involvement of the Crown Adventuring Company in striking to the believe heart of the undead movements and putting an end to the unknown source of their control.
/ Winter's Stirring. Charged with seeking the source of the Undead outbreak in the Iron Hill the adventurers of the Two Crowns venture into the western foothills of the Sword Mountains. A Cult of Undead is discovered, dedicated to spreading the sickening poison of the Black Blood through the waterways of Ilmarin in order to spread the hated undead.
/ High Winter. Rumours spread across Farhaven of strange goings on in the sewers below the street. Having become increasingly dangerous in recent weeks the Council are quick to play down and rumours or claims of cleansing. In the latter days of the month many Watch guards and workers move into the sewers as reports of unstable supports and rebuilding work are made public. Many choose on to believe such information and hushed words of a cover up are passed though the city.
Winter's End
27/ Winter's End. A mysterious arcane signal is detected in the central lands of the Elven province of Tiridor. The adventurers of the Two Crowns are employed to investigate for fear of a pending magical attack by invading Ogre forces. Though little information is forthcoming and the Elven Military is quick to secure the area limited reports of a rare archaeological find spread though the lands.
New Budding
10/ New Budding. The Gryphon, once believed to be extinct following the destruction of its native land of Virmor is confirmed to still exist. Now living in the high peaks of the Central Rise Mountains of Ilmarin. The Adventurers of the Two Crowns are notes with the zoological records of the Farhaven Collages of Magic as being credited with it rediscovery.
24/ New Budding. After discovering a previously unknown Ilmari facility below the sands of the Broken Isles researchers from the Farhaven Collage of Magic disappear from contact. The members of the Crown Adventuring Company are sent to investigate, findind themselves below the waters of the southern coast and under attack from elemental forces.
10/ High Budding. The Council of Farhaven convenes a meeting between those nations effected by the Trade Sanctions imposed upon Agryos. Chaired by Councillor Vorn representatives of Calandor, Peredur and Agryos discuss how to end the sanctions. The talks are disrupted by the assassination of the Peredan representative. In the wake of the tragic events the Council formally anounced the Alain Accords, ending the Sanctions and strengthening the trading routes across Ilmarin.
New Sun-
5/ New Sun. The Siege of Zirakul. The Allied forces of Calandor and the Forged lay siege to the fallen city of Zirakul. The city had been taken by Ogre forces for over a year and used as a staging point for raids into the southern lands. The Allied forces engaged the Ogre forces in a bloody battle, succeeding in destroying much of the Ogres strength.A timely intervestion from an army of the Empire of Steel and Stone swing the brutal combat in the favour of the allies and dealt a strong blow against the Ogre threat within the Central Rise Mountains.
19/ New Sun. The infiltration of Barzulan. Seeking to strike a further blow against the Ogre threat the Allies forces under the direction of Councilor Kessek send a team of the Crown Adventuring Company into the ancient Dwarven fortress of Barzulan. The onces impregnable stronghold now lies at the heart of the Ogre slave trade. Posing as captured slaves the adventurers are led within where by a daring escape infolds and the activation of an old Dwarven Shadow Gate to allow further reinforcements into the stronghold. In the days following the initial assault upon the fortress further Forged troops have been sent inside and a large section of the area within taken.

News from the nations

A record of events across Anvar.