Whispering Woods views on other Nations

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Of the general thoughts, opinions and views of one nation to another.

New Agryos

"Even when their greed overcame them, they didn't have the good sense to die. But no doubt they will end up destroying themselves after all."


"They have a shiny armour and bright symbols, and they think that hides the filth underneath. Were it not for Calandor they would have fought themselves into extinction long ago."


"They are a strong and good-hearted people, and were good allies while that was needed. But Balar never intended for us to be their vassals nor their servants, and sometimes they seem to forget that. Still, of all the peoples in this new land they are the most reliable."

Orc Highlands

"Blind, bloodthirsty fools. For a few sweet words and some windswept hills they would spit in the faces of the ancestors and make themselves into green-skinned humans. They are better avoid and forgotten."

Dwarven Empire

"So far they've had the sense to stay well away. Let them take the Iron Hills - the Forged built their own pyre by claiming the Sword Mountains, they can burn in Imperial flames for it. As long as they stay out of the woods we have no quarrel with them."

The Valmar

"I hear the dwarves use them as attack dogs, that's about as high as any human can aspire I suppose."


"A place of gold, steel and grief - best avoided."

The Lost Lands

"If you took Farhaven and scattered its scum over half a continent, you might come up with something like the eastern barrens. Only the desperate and foolish would ever dream of going there."

Ogre Kingdoms

"Bloodthirsty, stupid and proud. No doubt the Forged will be allying with them any day now."