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“Upon all injustice, let the hammer fall in judgement.”

(Judgement, Protection)

Tenets: Punish the guilty, but also protect the innocent. Preserve order, for only through proper laws may safety and security be reached. Your word must be iron and as unbreaking as your soul; treat all promises as one made to your god. If justice proves flawed correct this at once; an unjust law is no law at all. Treat all peoples fairly, and reserve judgement until you have seen the balance of their soul. No-one is exempt from the law, even its makers. Correct those who think otherwise most swiftly, for if order ever truly crumbles it will do so from the top down.


Vengrim is primarily a god of justice, order, laws and lawmakers. The name is dwarven and by which they are known in Ilmarin, but every society has some concept of them in one way or the other. Because of this they are regarded as a powerful deity even by those who are dedicated to other gods, and very few are willing to anger either Vengrim or his followers.

Most places with a formalised legal system will either have a priest of Vengrim sitting in judgement, or a shrine to consecrate the judgements made there. In more informal areas the name is sometimes invoked during oaths by casual worshippers, as Vengrim has historically taken oathkeeping very seriously indeed.


Temples to Vengrim are traditionally austere affairs, with plainly cut stone and few decorations. The most common devotees of Vengrim are the paladin and the judge, one to protect and the other uphold the law, and this is reflected in their placement; the temples themselves tend to be near places of authority, or incorporated into those buildings entirely. The prayers more often take the form of promises, which worshippers will go to great costs to uphold if necessary. Confessions are not encouraged as might be expected, but penance is – Vengrim puts more weight behind punishment than mercy. The upside of this is that once a devotee has undergone the proper punishment for their transgression that particular sin is seen as null, and they are forgiven immediately.

While it is rare for paladins of Vengrim to quest in the traditional sense they will go to great lengths to correct injustices and hunt down criminals or anarchists. This has occasionally causes clashes between different orders as they encroach on each other’s territories, though in general paladins of Vengrim try to respect the laws and customs of others.

Iconography and Trappings

The most common symbol of Vengrim is the balanced scale, though among the dwarves an equally used icon is a bronze hammer set in stone. Other icons are shields and equal-sided crosses, prominently displayed in bronze on grey, and more rarely the eagle and the lion in Ilmarin due to dwarvish influence.

Rituals to Vengrim, as they are often invoked before court sessions or other times of judgement, will often involve the sworn oaths of those involved to a particular goal (usually fair judgement). Lengthier and more serious versions have the oaths carved in stone, bronze or iron.

Worship of Vengrim

A breakdown by nation of those who follow Vengrim.