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Tiridor, the Watchful Realm, is the youngest of the provinces of Calandor. Situated in the Western Reach, it stands guard against both the ogre kingdoms of the north and the undead that lurk still in the shadows of the mountains. Its people are considered somewhat odd by other Calandoreans, as they are mostly made up of those who seek a hard, frontier lifestyle in the mountains – prospectors, second-born sons and daughters, outcasts and the more independent of spirit make up their numbers.

Most of the settlements in Tiridor are former dwarf holds, fortified anew against attack from both above and below. The Calandoreans lack the strength to completely clear the lower holds and mines of undead, particularly in hotspots such as Zirakul and the area around the former Necropolis. Tunnels to these are barricaded and barred shut, access to them forbidden to all but the most esteemed and able. Instead the Calandoreans mine the upper delvings and sieve the streams for ores, the rewards of those alone rich enough to let the Tiridans support themselves without risking the wrath of the undead.

The wrath of the ogres is a different matter. The southern ogre kingdoms have long had a covetous eye on Calandor, and the Western Reach is not as great a barrier as it was in the days of the old dwarf holds. The ogres are wise enough to steer clear of the deep delvings,and strong enough to deal with the undead that make it to the surface. The Tiridans must be constantly watchful, particularly in the warm months when the snows in the passes melt and allows easier access. The Tiridan Rangers make up the bulk of the guard against the north, but every shepherd, scratch farmer and prospector on the mountainsides is another pair of eyes to warn the forts of Calandor of attack.


Baradhend, the Fort of the Eye, stands watch near the peak of the EredHend mountain. Carved into the face of the mountain itself, it stands as the largest military outpost in Tiridor. The civilian population is small enough that it barely qualifies as a town, and most are in some ways attached to the army in support roles or as family members.

Places of Interest

Dawn's Peak

Dawn's Peak is the largest mountain in Ilmarin, high enough that its summit is capped by snow all year round. The light that catches upon it at sunrise and sunset is where it gets its name, as the light of it can be seen for many miles.

Lower down the mountain is the Dawnhold, a relatively new structure of elven make built upon the bones of a dwarvish watchtower. The fortress commands an impressive view of the valley below and surrounding lands, and acts as a focus point for much of Tiridor's western defenses.


Zirakul, the Silver Halls, was once a large and prosperous dwarf hold closely allied with Calandor. All this changed during the Shadow War when the undead rose from the darkness beneath the mountains to devour its inhabitants. These in turn spilled out into Almarind, wiping it out in a single night, and even though they were driven back and the hold eventually purged Zirakul remains a haunted place.