The Hunter

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“Ay Boss.” The Ogre trudged back up the slope, a long spear held over one shoulder. Raising his head the Packmaster regarded his second, blood coating his hands from where he cradled the dying wolf in his arms. “You betta be tellin me you ran down that little runt hoo ran fer it.”

Shaking his head the ogre gestured to the valley behind them, heavy rain fell from the clouded skies. Their position commanded a view down the valley and in the far distance the lights of a town could be seen. “Soz boss, ‘e scarpered an’ the wolves couldn’t track ‘im in all this wet...”

The Packmaster let out a deep growl of frustration causing the other to take a wary step back, you spend too much time around dire wolves and their ferocity began to rub off on you. The Packmaster’s anger was well known and more than one Ogre had found himself torn apart for getting on his bad side. “We fine ‘im, were dere is one o them humans dere will be more, me wolves ‘av tasted blood and they are ‘ungry…”

Nodding in reply the Orge took another step away, his eyes falling to the stricken wolf. To see such a beast wounded was rare, the human had struck a heavy blow to the side of its head. The axe had bitten deep. “Is… is ‘e gonna make it boss?”

Shaking his head the Packmaster ran a reddened hand across the wolves blood matted face, it gave a low whine. Black eyes looking up at its master. “Narr… ol’ Razorfang’s on ‘is way out… be running wi’ tha’ great wolf soon enough.” Placing his hand over the beast’s eyes he raised a second, gently holding it about the neck.

A sickening crack echoed from the surrounding rocks as the Packmaster twisted the fallen wolfs head. Brutal strength of the Ogre breaking his loyal companion’s neck and ending its pain. Rising slowly he drew a blooded finger across his scarred cheek, repeating the mark on the opposite side. “Now… we be ‘avin a bunch’a humans to be trackin’.” The Packmaster unslung a long harpoon launcher from across his back. Sliding a bolt, easily a meter in length into place before setting out into the rain to join the rest of his pack.