The Forged

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A military and forward-looking people, the clans of the Iron Hills have broken with the traditions of their ancestors to adapt to the new world they have found themselves. This has brought them allies and influence in the outside world, but has also caused a deep rift between them and their sister tribes in the Whispering Woods. So far this rift has not escalated into bloodshed, but feelings between the two are still bitter and occasional conflicts between the more hot-headed of both areas will sometimes break out.

The Forged name themselves so out of respect for their founder, Balar the Uniter, and the unity he founded between the clans. They see themselves as forged together in fire and blood, the gods of which they worship in a way alien to the orcs of old. However in recent times that dream has shattered and the clans are no longer united under a single leader. Instead each clan now governs itself, though there are still some - the old, the idealists and the driven - who claim that one day the clans may be united again.