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“What feeds the mind nourishes the soul.”

(Knowledge, Opportunity)

Tenets: Pursue all knowledge, no matter how difficult or dangerous the journey might be. Record what you learn, protect what is recorded and teach others so that knowledge might spread. Facts are not good or evil, only correct or incorrect. When your ignorance is revealed do not be ashamed but embrace this opportunity for learning. All beings who display a want for learning should be taught, but waste no time on unwilling pupils. No lantern can illuminate a locked room.


Rhundr, as they are known primarily to the dwarves and therefore in the rest of Ilmarin, is the goddess of knowledge, learning and teaching. Primarily a patron of scholars, they have also branched out among other cultures to cover schools and other places of learning, the practise of arcane magic and even exploration – provided it is done to further knowledge of the world.

Because of this Rhundr is, under various names, known almost everywhere as a deity. Whilst rarely the primary source of worship in any particular area they will tend to have a dedicated following, and be casually worship by those undergoing periods of learning or teaching.


Worship of Rhundr is traditionally a quiet affair, as perhaps befits a god whose main places of worship usually double as libraries. Their shrines are almost always lit by a lamp or lantern, and incense is sometimes lit that calms the mind and allows for reflective thought.

Devoted followers of Rhundr dress simply, in order to display that knowledge is open to all willing to learn. Most double as teachers, researchers or advisors to the powerful. Among devotees dabbling is discouraged; knowledge should either be pursued fiercely or not at all, which means that those scholars who are also priests tend to be specialists rather than jacks-of-all-trades, aside from those who can genuinely pursue many subjects with passion and intellect. Paladins of Rhundr are rare, but can be found guarding fonts of knowledge or their more scholarly brethren.

Iconography and Trappings

The symbol of Rhundr is a gold lantern on a plain brown background. Other associated symbols are books (naturally), quills, keys, eyes and goblets. Among the Agryans magical glyphs are also popular, or other icons inscribed with such. Rituals that invoke Rhundr might involve all these components, and will usually involve writing down the object of the ritual before symbolically casting the scraps of paper to the wind or burning them upon the lantern flame to send them to Rhundr. Other than this, the burning of any text is discouraged in the strongest terms.

Worship of Rhundr

A breakdown by nation of those who follow Rhundr.