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LARP Resources

This section will have a collection of links to various LARP resources. Unlike most pages, whilst you are free to contribute links, the administrators reserve the rights to remove them. That is because, as we are providing a resource primarily for students who might be new to LARP, we will not advertise any online store or resource that we feel is insufficient for the needs of a casual LARP playerbase. The reviews accompanying each link is a matter of opinion, and as such might differ from someone else's, but these opinions do come from experience and will be updated should anything new come to light about the companies listed.


For your basic costume, we heartily recommend charity shops. It's generally possible to pick up some suitable shirts and trousers from somewhere like Oxfam or Scope. String-up shirts and wooden buttons are ideal. Also, please ask those in the community who are makers - they love the chance to practice/ teach thier skills and are always happy to help. Making your own gear or getting a friend to make it is a great budget option for kit - plus you have true custom capability. Below are some links for some professional costume and armour sites for any long-term investments into the LARP hobby you might have.


  • Ozy - Leather, weapons.
  • Bill - Leather, weapons, shields

Costume and Armour

  • Darkblade - Dark Blade have a wide selection of hand-made leather goods. I believe they've been quite slow on their delivery times, but their stuff tends to be fairly good quality.
  • LARP Inn - LARP Inn is a site that I personally have no experience with, but they do seem to have a fairly broad range of stuff.
  • LRP Store- LRP Store have some good pieces of costume, but nothing that couldn't be bought anywhere else. I would personally recommend Velvet Glove over them for shirts, trousers and tabards, and I would advise people to go elsewhere for their weaponry. There's noting wrong with the weapons they sell, but their customer service leaves a little more to be desired.
  • Norton Armouries - Stunning stuff. Absolutely gorgeous plate armour made out of a hard plastic, very durable. Their customer service has been wonderful in the past, and whilst it's a little pricey, you do get the quality you pay for.
  • Velvet Glove- Velvet Glove Costume are have been fantastic with me in the past. Wonderful custom orders, absolutely willing to give anything a bash. If you are wanting something simple like a tabard, I whole-heartily recommend Velvet Glove, as they will be able to do you something very high quality for very cheap.
  • Woven Realms- I've had absolutely no experience with Woven Realms, but they seem to sell a fair veriety of items
  • Having a LARP- A one-stop-shop reseller of all types of gear, weapons and stuff. Recomended - knife/ utility belts and concealed armour ponchos.


  • Adventurer's Mart - Adventurer's Mart have a great deal of interesting things, well worth a look. They also stock Medlock weapons, which have been nothing but excellent quality in the past and well recommended for any LARPer who wants a sword to love of their very own.
  • Calimacil - Recommended by the organisers of Maelstrom, supposedly very high quality.
  • Character Kit - I've only ever bought a buckler from them, but I contacted them about availability and got a response very promptly, the shield itself arrived in a couple of days.
  • Darkblade - Darkblade do weapons as well as armour. I'd recommend against their shields, however.
  • Makai LARP - Although they mostly deal with replica flintlocks, and thus perhaps better suited for other systems, Makai's weapons have been fairly nicely weighted in the past and the guy behind it all is very lovely. Well worth a look.
  • Tallows FX - Another company I've not dealt with myself, but the things on the site look pretty.