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Religion is a force in the world like no other. Arcane magic in the world of Anvar is for the most part beholden to the world in which it exists – physical realities such as nature, fire, shadow – and the spells cast from each list reflect this. But the prayers of the faithful draw from a different source, entities whose existence is based around more esoteric concepts that exist in the minds of mortals. These are things which do not exists – there is no iota of mercy in Anvar, no atoms of justice, no light without a source or darkness that is more than emptiness. They exist only through mortals, and therefore mortals are what their embodiments must work through.

Because of this, the precise identity of a god can vary depending on the culture they are worshipped. A god of law and order in one nation can be a fierce god of vengeance in another; a god of hope and mercy might also be seen as a god of trickery depending on the cultural lens they are viewed through. Nevertheless despite this each god has core tenets essential to their being which a worshipper must follow. Breaking these are the surest way for, at the very least, a channeller of that god’s power to temporarily lose their god’s patronage. At worst they might be punished or lose that patronage entirely depending on the severity of their actions.

Atheism is virtually unknown in Anvar; it is simply too obvious that these deities exist and grant power to their followers. Despite this worship of a god is not compulsory in most nations, as most deities would rather accept a single willing worshipper than ten reluctant ones. A worshipper is promised rewards in the afterlife for devoted service, but non-worshippers are not punished – rather they are ignored and left to face the perils of the shadow after death alone. Some chose this path, but most cultures put a great deal of emphasis on the worship of own pantheons and deviating from this norm is quite rare.

Gods of the World


Goddess of hope, mercy and luck


God of light

Brynn sja Brenna

Goddess of courage, oratory and warfare


God of community, loyalty and trade


Goddess of knowledge, learning and teaching


Goddess of darkness


God of justice, order, laws and lawmakers


God of destruction and self-renewal

Other Entities

While not gods in the same manner as those worshipped by the mortals of Anvar there are other beings within the world that command great power.


The guardian of the The Shadow Realm who watches over the passage of the dead into The Cycle.

Elemental Lords

Beings of the material, believed to be the embodiment of the elemental powers of Anvar and bound to its very being.

Varar and Bǽlri

Though they do not grant divine magic in the same way as other gods, Varar and Bǽlri are still nevertheless worshipped as gods by The Forged .