Religion of the forest tribes

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The orcs of the Whispering Wood are traditionalists. As throughout all the known history of their tribes, their worship has been given exclusively to various natural and elemental spirits, facilitated by druids and shamans. Powerful spirits reside in special places – isolated pools, caves, oddly shaped trees or rocks or stone circles – and worshippers travel to these in order to make sacrifices or petition for aid. Special pleas require the intervention of experts, inevitably the tribe’s druid or shaman. Less powerful spirits are thought to wander, and can be attracted by special nets of red thread, mazes drawn upon the ground outside a hut door, effigies and other such things.

The Whispering Wood orcs also practice ancestor worship, to which they will usually turn to a necromancer. Given how haunted the Whispering Wood is, it will often be difficult for a resident necromancer to discern which spirit to speak to as the woods contain far more restless elven dead than orcish ones even after two hundred years. Some orcs solve this by setting aside burial places for their own dead, or keeping the bones of dead family members in their own huts in order to attract their spirits to one location. However the more compassionate will allow for the elven dead to speak as well if it so happens that one is nearby, out of respect for the tragedy that killed them.