Religion of Peredur

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The Peredans are a deeply religious people. Most of their worship is given to Athaya, who is seen as the patron of the country. Depictions of a kindly woman in blue and green robes, holding a blue rose or a white dove, abound in Peredur in shrines, temples and as iconography on relics and holy symbols.

The Peredans are however polytheistic, unlike their elven neighbours. Manaran and Brynn sja Brenna are the most popular next to Athaya, as Manaran governs proper lawkeeping and Brenna contributes a great many paladins to the Peredan army. Aurvandil is, naturally, also popular due to elven and their worship differs very little from in Calandor. However these three are firmly regulated to a supportive role on the Peredan pantheon; at the end of the day whilst justice, courage and the light of the soul are important, hope is what Peredur was founded on.