Religion of New Agryos

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Upon Ilmarin Agryos stands as the only secular state, it holds no god or pantheon as its sovereign deity. This is how it has always been back to the time of Old Agryos though many have come to question their views after the events of the Cataclysm.

Worship of the gods is not prohibited within the lands of Agryos but there is no state supported religion, churches and shrines to the various gods have grown within the City-States where those who would seek them have come together but religion remains something of a personal affair to most.

It is due to this view that while remaining secular Agryos has become the most varied place of worship within Ilmarin, people are free to worship which God they will so long as their doing so does not affect the growth of the State as a whole. Small offerings or tokens of worship are given by some dependant on their place within Agryian society. A warrior of Alathane might give praise to Brenna, Godess of Courage before a battle while a mage within the Collages of Magic in Aspatria offer words to Rhundr (known as Saphirenta, Goddess of Learning to those of Agryos) for enlightenment and assistance in the pursuit of their craft.

The events surrounding the splitting of those who would form the nation of Peredur from Agryos has somewhat tainted many of the higher levels of government within Agryos against widespread organised religion. They cite the numerous wars and acts of aggression from Peredur as well as they Calandorian allies as being driven by their religious views, within Agryos they claim such would only distract from purer goals and draw attention to the great works humanity has crafted upon their own strength.