Religion of Calandor

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The elves of the High Kingdom are henotheistic. Whilst they acknowledge the existence and validity of other gods, the bulk of their worship goes to Aurvandil. Though there is no official union of the elven church of Aurvandil and the High Kingdom in law, their worship is woven into the fabric of modern elven society. This has made the Church extremely powerful, but if the priests of Aurvandil encourage purity and excellence of self in their followers they require it even more stringently in each other, and so corruption has (so far) been kept in check.

Formal Church doctrine states that Aurvandil is an androgynous being, the essence of pure light and good which has no gender or sex. However, popular association with the saint Turalion has led to the god being referred to as masculine by most lay people. It is only the stricter members of the Church who insist on neutral pronouns for their god.

The worship of other gods – with the strict exception of Za'arel – is tolerated within the High Kingdom, though most are only worshiped on strictly situational basis. Some are more accepted others however. Worship of Isk-Ekelu (known as Thaurea) is generally discouraged, whereas Athaya has their own sect largely made up of attuned elves that have proven resistant to Aurvandil’s purification rituals.

Za’arel is the only god whose worship is outright banned, due to his involvement in the demon wars. Proven wielding of his powers is punishable by death whilst within the High Kingdom.