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Mark Sullivan

Linears, XP, Money, Possessions

  • Linears - 8
  • Socials - 1
  • Bonus XP - 12
  • XP Gained - 112
  • XP Spent - 108
  • Money Earned - 1g, 1s, 5c
  • Money Spent - 1g, 6s, 0c

You earn +10XP and +3silver per linear

Items of Note

  • 2 short swords (tier 3 - 2 Through blows/3 enc, Hardened)
  • "The False Soul Blade" - Tier 1 long sword
  • A chunk of Ilmari Facility Rock
  • 4 tier 1 potions - +1 global hit
  • 5 tier 1 poisons - +1 damage
  • Rank 4 Earth Focus
  • One pouch of dust containing the remains of Kordaz (Courage), The Undead Slayer

Stats - +1 damage, Immune to Disarm, Hardened, Soul damage.

Soulblade Special Mechanics

Steel-bound Soul - While wielding the Soulblade the user is Immune to Fear, and has a great sense of courage and purpose.

Open the Path Between - The Soulblade can open a passage to the Shadowlands - Orrin knows this will also summon a Reaper to find the disturbance and as such he is very reluctant to do this.

Path of the Soul – Orrin can sense the direction of the Soul Blade wherever it lies (though not the distance). He has described it as a “soft blue string of light, weaving to wherever Kordaz resides.”

Bound to the Blade – (Does not know IC) As long as his Soul remains within the blade, Orrin is bound to it and cannot die (when his grace period reaches zero, he does not die as long as the sword is intact).


  • Dragon claw
  • Sea Serpent tooth

Character Swingings & Heritages

Race: Dwarf

Heritage: Dwarven Empire

God Channeled No Divine Lists

Res / Will: Double Swung to Will

Mage / Thug: Double Swung to Mage

Primary/ Secondary lists: Unswung

Character Stats

Delete things you have double swung away from or do not intend to buy, edit in your lists and weapon skills. Add (Buying Specialisation) or (Finished Specialisation) after your ranks when you are specialising in something, so that the refs can clearly see where your Points Apps are. You are not required to disclose what your Points Apps do in public.

Core Stats

  • Resistance: 1
  • Willforce: 3
  • Extra Body Hits: 1 (dwarf)


  • Mana 3 (Pool 15 Regen 2/3 enc)
  • Earth 5
  Rank 1 - Strength Feat (self), Tremor sense (MVP!!)
  Rank 2 - +1 DR (self), Mass Strikedown
  Rank 3 - Feet Of Clay (Will vs res hold), Immune to Strength feats
  Rank 4 - Res 5 for 3 enc, Obsidian Weapon for 3 enc (Ench Doubles, 2 Phys Shatters)
  Rank 5 - Petrify (Will vs Res), Bastion (+3 HP, +3DR, Imm. Strength, Str feat by blow)
  • Earth Specialisations 1

Combat 2

  Rank 1 - Dam -> Enchanted (Self), Parry (Inst)
  Rank 2 - Ranged Knockback (inst), Hang spell


  • Stealth: 3
  • Ritual: 3
  • Language: 1 (Dwarven [free], Common [free], Elven)


  • Lore (Dwarven Empire): 1
  • Lore (Undead): 2
  • Lore (Religion): 2
  • Lore (Military): 1

Adventures Gone On Details

You may record your own OC record of what adventures you went on, for refs' and your own use. Linears:

1 – The Lost Vale. Sent by the military to substantiate claims of the finding of the Lost Vale of Athaya, Orrin inadvertently became tied up in the fight against the Dread Wraiths by offering his Soul to be bound in the next Imperial Blade. (11XP, 3 silver)

2 – The Fell Crystal. One of the ingredients for a new sword to destroy the Dread Wraiths was Pure Destruction – Fell Crystal. Going to the former Elven Capital Orrin joined the two Crowns that know of his soul’s existence to find the demonic substance. (11XP, 3 silver)

3 – Joining of Light and Shadow (Social). The wedding of Ilanael and Ruinateron. Got kinda very drunk. Scared Sebastian Vale with basic combat magic. Got scared by Maz leaping out of the fucking Ether. The cycle of torture is expected to continue.

4 – The Crucible. Elements brought the Two Crowns return to the Empire and forge the Soul Blade. Passing through the Shadowlands they attack the Necropolis and destroy the Dread Wraith Leader. (11XP, 3 silver)

5 – The Blightscar. After returning to Refuge, a group of newer adventurers escort a Researcher to one of the environmental hangovers of the Draugr – deadened land - except this land has started to recover. A conglomeration Undead was destroyed, resulting in instant germination and growth where the creature fell. The information was passed to the Dwarves.

6 – The Gate. Orrin went with Anzuth, Gewn and Betta through a shadow gate attempting to go to the Valmar. However, the transport was hijacked and took them to an Immari facility on the Land of Dragons. They defrosted an artificial human, Kel’voss; killed a dragon and found a way back.

7 - Serpent's Run. The Second attempt at using the Shadow Gate transports successfully to Serpent's Run - and mid-festival the city is invaded by aquatic folk with powerful water magics. Orrin, Idonea and Wulfric discover they are hear for the Jarl's wife - a woman with the ability to work the Ilmari facility under the waves from where they came. A deal was struck to return in 1 week with someone else that could work the facility - Kel'Voss. (11XP, 5 silver)

8 - Serpent's run 2: the Last Bastion of the Ilmari. With Kel'voss' help, the Two Crowns went to the Ilamri facility. The Soul Sword was destroyed, and the Ilmari data backs were discovered, providing Orrin with the knowledge of Creation Magic. It turns out that Nexus had been seeking access to the facility, and that this facility had been looking for signs of the Creation Divine magic. It was found.... at the source of the Cataclysm.

9 - Cataclysm Dreams. The Two Crowns (Anzuth, Spiderpuncher, Gwen & Orrin) went to the Dreamlands, searching for memories of the Cataclysm and how it might tie into Creation.