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Civilised Lands


Stricken by a weakness to magic that warps their very essence, the elves of Ilamrin devote themselves to Aurvandil, the god of Light in an effort to keep this curse at bay. Though once their kingdoms covered the breadth of Ilmarin, internal strife and darker forces crumbled their lands to ashes around them, and now all that remains is Calandor in the west – the last refuge of the Light in a darkened world

Dwarven Empire

The Empire of Steel and Stone spans the largest area of land in Ilmarin, but this is only a fraction of its former borders. Imperial Dwarves live under the rule of their Emperor and his council, spread across the eastern mountains between three great cities. As the dwarves build for themselves an Imperial future from the world around them with pick, shovel and magic, they are guarded always by watchful paladins and warriors who have sworn to never again let the darkness sunder their people.


At the northernmost point of the Inner Sea stands the City of Farhaven, a melting pot of the races from across Ilmarin. Originally an elven port in the days of their empire, it fell into the hands of the dwarves until humanity came to the Northern Isle after the Cataclysm ruined the coast. Rebuilt between the lands of Agryos and the Dwarven Empire it became a vital link in the world’s trade routes before playing host to a joint council of the lands races. Now its streets fall beyond the reach of any individual nation and has become a home for mercenaries and traders.

New Agryos

Once a great and powerful nation across the sea, the citizens of New Agryos are the descendants of those few who survived the Cataclysm of Old Agryos. Two hundred years later they have re-established themselves on the southern shores of Ilmarin. Strong of will and with the might of arcane magic’s at their hand they raise vast city states bent on the pursuit of wealth and power. The military and industrial might of Alathane, the wealth and influence of the merchants in Corrin and the arcane mastery of Aspatria’s mages are long fallen from their golden age, but Agryos is on the rise once again.

Orc Highlands

In the highlands above the Inner Sea, the orcish peoples have split into two feuding factions. Within the haunted willows of the Whispering Woods lives the traditionalist forest orcs, following druidic ways that date back to their origins in Virmor before the Cataclysm. In the Iron Hills live the Forged who worship only blood and fire, following the vision of the one who saved them from extinction at both the hands of the Agryans, and the catastrophe that ruined the land.


Between the ancient homeland of the elves and the human magocracy of New Agryos lie the lands of Peredur, home to those humans who have rejected magic for the favour of the gods. Now closely allied with the elves, they defend against their former brethren and seek to forge a new destiny from the mistakes of the past.

The Valmar

In the icy north of Ilmarin lie the lands of the Valmar, a hardy and proud branch of humanity that settled there centuries ago. Their lands exist as a protectorate of the Dwarven Empire, where the warriors and mystics of their clans wage war against the raiding Ogres and monstrous beasts that rise from the frozen seas. A people steeped in deep tradition with origins in both Agryos and their dwarven neighbours, they live by unconquerable courage in battle and undying loyalty to their Imperial neighbours.

Uncivilised Lands

The Lost Lands

In the South East of Ilmarin lay “The Lost Lands”. A wilderness of open plains, dense forests and rugged islands along its winding coast, this is a region home to the forgotten and the lawless. The dark forest of the Dwemwyre covers the northern hills, the largest forest of the continent and home to trolls and twisted creatures who make their lairs amongst the shadows. To the south, wide plains merge into a rocky coastline dotted with settlements and bandit camps where the lawless hide from the power of nations. The ports of the Broken Coast play host to countless crews of privateers and pirates who ply the waters, as well as the desperate, the outcast and the lost.

Ogre Kingdoms

To the North West of Ilmarin standing upon the peak of the land are the Ogre Kingdoms. A towering realm of snow crowned mountains and deep valleys. The land is harsh and unforgiving but so are its inhabitants. The Ogres are a brutal race and dominate this region of the continent with a iron fist.


Once a small continent that held the nation of Old Agryos and the orc tribes, Virmor is now presumed destroyed by the Cataclysm, and those who have dared to seek the truth for themselves have never returned.