Mistress Serra

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Mistress Serra.jpg

"Look upon me and know your death has come."

Of all the pirate crews that make their home on the isles of The Lost Lands it is those of the Dark Veil who strike the coldest fear. Their reign of terror has extended for years and countless vessels have fallen before them.

Tales of a ship matching the description of the Dark Veil date back over a hundred years along with the destruction they have wrought upon the shipping lanes.

Every recounting of the tails adds more to the growing legend and the exploits of their captain all the more fearsome.

Mistress Serra is rightly feared, if the tales are to be believed. Those allowed to survive encounters with the Dark Veil tell of a black ship, crewed by living horrors that tear at the minds of their victims.

She that leads the crew is said to be of stunning beauty, those that gaze upon her are captured by her appearance and drawn unto their death at the point of her blades.

What truth there is to the legends is unknown but new stories continue to be born and to all those who travel the waters of the Shadow Coast, they do so with a prayer upon their lips.