Military of the forest tribes

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The orcs of the Whispering Wood have no organised armies, nor even much in the way of warriors. War is simply not common in the forests, as they are protected on three sides by allied nations and seldom involve themselves in the wars of others as the Forged do. The only real threats come from either ogres that have managed to cross the Western Reach, or inter-tribal quarrels.

Because of this, most of those who do train as warriors will rely heavily on their skills as hunters – a forest orc cannot make a living in their own country through mercenary work as the Forged might. Their tactics rely heavily on traps, ambushes and poisons, their weapons usually slings, throwing weapons and bows. When forced into melee most will use axes or heavy knives; it is exceptionally rare for a forest orc to own a sword or other purely martial weapon, as these have no use to hunters at all.

Last but certainly not least are the combat capabilities of their spiritual leaders. Those brave or foolish enough to enter the Whispering Wood aggressively will find that the forest itself turns against them, the earth cracking up to swallow them, wolf packs and panthers hunting them or the spirits of the dead swarming them in masses uncounted. The necromancers, druids and shamans of the orc tribes rarely involve themselves in petty warfare, but when they do it is usually with overwhelming force – perhaps one reason why the Woods remain so relatively peaceful.