Military of the Forged

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The Forged remain relatively poor in the materials needed for war. There are few trees due to the barren nature of the moors and hills they live in, and despite their name the Iron Hills have very little to mine. Most metals in it were stripped out long ago by either the elves of the High Kingdom or the dwarves, and must be acquired nowadays through trade. A few clans have tried to set up mines in the Sword Mountains in answer to this, but that is a risky endeavour even at the best of times.

Forged warriors therefore tend to be lightly equipped. The most common armour is boiled leather, reinforced with strips of iron or bronze. A mail shirt or breastplate is a rare sight and most often seen on those of high ranks. Weapons tend to be composite bows of wood or horn, spears, axes and hammers – all of which require little metal. Heavy shields and stabbing spears or short swords have become a popular combination among Forged fighters for their efficiency in line fighting.

In Forged lands there is no organised army, but almost every clan will have a professional company of warriors who make a living through mercenary work. These rely on heavy skirmishing tactics in combat, as it is rare for a unit to be well-equipped enough to stand and fight in a shield wall. Instead they will perform hit and run tactics, using their superior strength in comparison to most other races to smash into lines then quickly retreat to attack another weak point later on.

Beneath each chieftain are at least two lieutenants, who in turn each command a variety of sergeants and corporals themselves at the head of a unit of ten or so orcs. Often while skirmishing these units will themselves split into teams of five, the better to harry a larger enemy and stay mobile.