Military of Calandor

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Calandor was one of the first nations to boast an organised, professional army and that tradition has continued to the modern day. Due to the influence of the church and its Templars much of the army is heavy, defensive infantry. Paladin orders reinforce the army wherever possible, to the extent that it is hard to distinguish the two. Secular officers were and are encouraged to go through the same knightly training as their paladin compatriots, meaning that even those who do not channel the power of Aurvandil tend to have a religious education.

Augmenting the heavy infantry to the north and east are several ranger corps. As the first line of defense against a second Shadow War they are less a skirmishing force than they are an early alarm system against another undead incursion – since Calandoreans lack the air mages necessary to send messages magically, they must depend on mundane means. Consequently the north-eastern rangers are trained primarily as messengers, concentrating more on fleetness of foot and wilderness survival than guerrilla tactics.

For the militaries of both church and state, practicality is of the utmost importance. Winged helmets, formally popular, are now considered old fashioned and modern elven metalsmiths concentrate on a more durable, ‘sleek’ design. Leather armour is rarely worn unless by rangers, and even this is reinforced where it is possible with darkened metal strips or studs over vulnerable areas.

Orcish mercenaries occupy a peculiar place within the Calandorean military. Practically none are worshippers of Aurvandil, and their method of fighting tends to be reliant on a type of heavy, offense skirmishing that is in direct odds with standard elven tactics. Nevertheless since most Forged units tend to be present due to reasons of honour and their long-standing alliances the Calandoreans will usually make efforts to welcome them and let them retain their own officers.