Magic of the Dwarven Empire

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Within Dwarven history much of their magic favoured towards Elementalism, particularly that of Fire and Earth. Much of the Empire was formed in its earliest days through the shaping of the rock and stone via geomantic magic. This tradition along with that of mental working aided by Fire magic has been maintained into the Imperial days. Many mages will be smiths, tasked with the creation of weapons and armourments for the Empire or in the maintaining of the infrastructure of the cities.

In the North East amongst the Isles of Kaz’daran there is a tradition of Water or Ice Elementalism, the better to aid their people in the working of the ice fields and harsh conditions of the land. Runesmithing is a common practice for the Dwarven people, the empowering magics are most commonly used to bolster the tasks of mining or construction across the Empire.

The most skilled of mages or those who seem to favour a more direct form of magic will often be drafted into military service. Mages are identified from an early age and given tutorage as part of basic education so that their skills can be identified and put to best use in later life.