Magic of Peredur

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Due to their history, Peredans have a poor view of magic. At best its practise is seen as amoral; at worst it is seen as witchcraft and a danger to all, a way for the cunning and ruthless to trick or subjugate their fellows, or for the foolish to tamper in things best left alone. As well, their alliance with Calandor makes the wielding of magic a diplomatic nightmare, given the elvish weakness to attunement.

Yet despite this the Peredans are still human, and more than that their heritage is of Old Agryos. Therefore a college of magic does exist in Caer Anwyn for those foolish or brave enough to try their hand at the study of the arcane arts. Only those who have passed through the college are allowed to practise magic, and the focus is largely in defensive spells – ones by which a Peredan mage could block or dispel the spells of a New Agryan battlemage. It also boasts an impressively large school of ritual, as ritual magic is seen as “safer” and more controllable.