Magic of New Agryos

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There is little doubt that the power of Agryos lies within its mastery of the Arcane. Their command of magic in unrivalled amongst the nations of the world and their entire society is shaped about its use. Since the Cataclysm the strength they can wield is but a fraction of what once was but is still formidable.

Dedicated schools and colleges are well established within the lands of Agryos, most notably within the city-state of Aspatria. The local collages teach magic as could be utilised for trades or within battle while the Grand Collage of Magic in Aspatria is seen as the height of learning, encompassing all of the schools of Arcane and its use. Every part of Agryian life is touched by the hand of magic, making the nation a true Magocracy. Its ruling Council is heavily influenced by the pursuit of the Arcane.

In a nation that excels in the use of the Arcane Agryos’s greatest strength comes from its magical craft. Artifice within the city-states has been advanced to heights unseen elsewhere. Street lighting is common in all but the most closed of location in a settlement. Extensive water works have provided running water to homes in the major cities. The streets are patrolled by towering Arcane Constructs that keep order and ensure the word of the law held. The power of the arcane is evident across Agryos, an outward display of strength designed to show that while humanity was once broken, they have risen again.

There is no end to what one can achieve through the pursuit of the Arcane and opportunity is open to all who have the drive and the will to seize it.