Elemental Lords

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As the gods of Anvar watch over the spiritual and day to day lives of the mortals so those beings known as the "Elemental Lords" watch over the world itself.

The Elemental Lords are believed to be the embodiment of the physical as well as the conceptual aspects of the material world. While they have no direct influence in the world, such as the gods might they are intrinsically linked and bonded into its very being.

Arcane practitioners of Magic might tap into and draw from these primal energies for use in their spellcraft. While this might be seen as similar to the practice of divine channellers the power is neither requested or given. The elemental powers are that of the world itself.


From the towering peaks of the mountains to the wide plains, the earth is the embodiment of the physical, unmoving and strong beyond measure.


Light and with a grace unmatched by those bound to the ground, air represents movement and the freedom of passage. Though it must not be underestimated for it also brings the threat of the storm.


Power, unbound and ever consuming. Fire is the raw energy that burns within the depths of the world and stirs the hearts of those living upon it.


Vast oceans, mighty rivers and deep lakes cover the world. Water is the giver of life while also concealing dark reaches ready to take those unwary enough to overlook its calm nature.


As the gods has their servants, so do the Elemental Lords. While not divine, as with the Angelic choir, elementals are fragments of their Lord's power. Given form and purpose, they carry out their patrons will upon the world. Completing tasks unknowable to those mortals that might come across them.

Numerous types of elemental have been observed. They range from minor beings of similar size to the mortal races to towering creatures with the strength to reshape the world about them.