Economy of the forest tribes

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The forest orcs are isolationist by nature, and fairly self-sufficient. The Whispering Woods provides no grains, metals or cloth, but even in Virmor these were not readily available to the orc tribes after a certain point and most have learned to live without them. Added to this there is a natural wariness in openly displaying either need or wealth through trade. Need implies weakness that might be exploited; wealth implies resources to be seized. Their history with the Agryans makes most tribes exceptionally wary of displaying either.

However trade does occur, usually around the river which runs through the Whispering Wood to Peredur. The Woods are strange place, and contain many strange and rare plants and animals in demand for potions, items and study in the outside world. These are gathered by orcish herbalists and hunters and traded for minor essentials such as cloth and metals.