Economy of the Forged

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The Forged are rich in a single resource: themselves. Widely recognised as masters of skirmishing warfare the most common way of establishing a trade is by bartering use of a chieftain and his warriors to those in need of mercenaries in exchange for iron weapons and armour, timber, food and other necessities. The Forged themselves are extremely proud of this method, citing their origins and Balar as the beginning of this new tradition.

A small trade is also done in wools and hides from their flocks, though these fetch poor prices as the animals of the Forged are seldom of any particular worth compared to neighbouring nations such as Peredur. The few crops the Forged are able to sow are also of little worth, at least to the outside world, and while their forging techniques have improved immensely they still lag behind the hidden cities, Calandor and the Empire in terms of quality.

Forged currency is markedly different from others in that it has no silver or gold denominations. Instead the Forged orcs use geb, a word used to describe the tip of a weapon but which in modern times has come to mean arrow or spear heads of steel, iron, bronze or flint. A flint geb is of least worth and equivalent to a Peredan halfpenny, a mere token, but a spearhead of steel to a Forged orc is quite literally worth more than its weight in gold – gold having no particular worth to the Forged due to its uselessness, and Hearthsingers being the only ones allowed to wear gold ornaments anyway.