Economy of Peredur

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Peredur does not loom large in international trade, though it is by no means poor. Its place in the western heartlands means that the soil is rich and crops are easy to grow even without the aid of New Agryan alchemical farming aids. Its copses and vineyards produce small, luxury food products such as truffles and wine, and it is famous for several breeds of glossy black-coated cattle that provide fine beef and hides. Its major export bulk export however is wheat, which is in high demand in Calandor due to its relative lack there and the frequent trade embargoes Calandor levies against Malai.

Peredur's imports are also relatively small, due to it being largely self-sufficient in terms of food, lumber and wool for clothing. Luxury goods, particularly fine cloth and steel, are traded for via the elven port of Anarost in Anaturu and Annúlorn in Ilmarin. One thing it does not import at all are magical items of Agryan make – after several instances of sabotage, all magical items from New Agryos (even alchemical ones) have been banned permanently.