Economy of New Agryos

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Agryos’ position upon Ilmarin places it at the very heart of the routes across the continent something they have ruthlessly seized upon. Since the times of the expansive Elven nation the Inland Sea has been a hub for trade, in the modern age this is no different.

Before the fall of Old Agryos the merchants of Corrin controlled a vast Trade Empire that spread across the world, though again reduced in size they have rebuilt what they once had and now sit as a spider in the centre of a sprawling web.

A common saying within Agryos states “While all water flows to the sea, so all coin flows to Corrin.”.

Agryos itself produced large amounts of material with which it trades outwardly to other nations of Ilmarin, foremost amongst this is their trade in magical item, these items range tremendously in nature from devices to fertilise soil and water purification to weaponry and arcane lighting. Such items are costly and highly prized but the bulk of Agryian trade is made up of those materials it brings in from beyond its borders to pass on.

From the cold north Agryos imports rare metals and building materials to be sold on to the Elves of Calandor. Mines in the Lost Lands extract huge quantities of iron which once purified in the forges of Alathane are shipped through the City of Farhaven and on to the Dwarven Empire.

One of the most lucrative trades Agryos holds in that from across the oceans, regular passage is made to the southern continent of Anaturu, there rare goods are imported for sale on the markets of Ilmarin. Exotic food stuffs and plants for sale and cultivation are prized but also materials uncommon upon the northern isle are shipped back.

Corrin is wary to hold on to its agreements and sometimes hard won alliances with foreign ports, their worth has brought much coin into the already deep pockets of its merchants and they will go to great lengths to keep it that way.