Economy of Calandor

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Calandorean culture does not concern itself overmuch with the acquisition of wealth, but neither does it discourage it. Primarily it is seen as a means to end, and those who concentrate too much on the hoarding of wealth as opposed to the use of it are made mock of.

Quite a few major elven exports – beeswax, honey, medicines and mead – come from the province of Imloth. Despite being one of the smallest provinces it is also one of the richest because of this, and has helped to keep Aglarost rich as well despite the trade lost to Annûlorn. As well as this Calandor is also the main exporter of unattuned adamant thanks to rich deposits in the northern mountains and Calandorean purifying rituals.

Whilst Calandor is largely self-sufficient despite its diminishment, it lacks the wide pastures of Melia and therefore tends to import large amounts of grain in order to supplement its own, more forest-based foods.