Dwarven Empire views on other Nations

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Of the general thoughts, opinions and views of one nation to another.

New Agryos

"They have strength yes, that is without doubt. But they know nothing of order, of restraint. They are their own undoing."


"I see in them a noble aspect, a certain honour to be respected but they are brash and over confident."


"Our friends of old, yes we have had a few disagreements over the years but they are true. The fire that burns within them is strong and to be commended."

Orc Highlands

"No sooner had they settled in the Iron Hills than they began to make war against our great Empire. Were it not for Calandor I dare say they would have been wiped away by now."

"Those woods... they are dark and evil beyond what they can imagine. They would do well to leave."

The Valmar

"The men of the north, we could not ask for more honourable allies. Our people have shed blood together in the defence of the Empire. I would gladly fight beside them whenever the horns of war call to us."


"Once a fine city, now... Well, lets say its a city. The Council does good work and I trust them but there are those beginning to have doubts."

The Lost Lands

"That land is cursed, no one has ever got anything good out of it. Just a few decades of strife and a mine cart of ore. The less said about the gods forsaken woods the better."

Ogre Kingdoms

"Overgrown, ugly bunch of bastards! Kill every last one of those bloody ogres and we could make use of that land properly."