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There are those beings that watch over the Afterlife, the Gods hold place in Heaven caring for their faithful in the eternal paradise. For those who do not pass on into the Divine Halls their souls most cross the Shadow Realm, there to re-enter the Cycle. Watching over this is the entity of Death, master of the twilight realm and the eternal guardian of the soul. Death is present within the minds of all living beings, to know of life is to know of death and what waits for all that tread its path. Many see Death as a cruel and unjust, the bringer of sadness and pain. The truth is lost and from the being itself, no word is given.


As the gods has their servants, so does the being of death. While not divine, as with the Angelic choir, Reapers are constructs of death. Given form and purpose, they carry out their patrons work within The Cycle.