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This page is an index of the Player Characters of Anvar. The character list should be in alphabetical order of given name. When making a character page for a PC, please do not include titles - the page should be First name + Last name (or the cultural equivalent). PC character pages should be written in the third person, and contain information that would be readily available to other characters. Please do not include opinions on other player characters within your own character's page - the information there should be strictly factual.

In the event of a character dying or retiring, please include (deceased) or (retired) next to their name.

For an index of recent Non-Player Characters, please visit the Distinguished Individuals page. For a list of historical NPCS, please visit the Historical Figures page.

For further information on setting up a character page please see the Character Page Template and the OC Character Page Template.

Player Characters

Those individuals signed to the Crown Adventuring Group

Aamu, Forest Orc hunter

Anzuth, Forged Orc trapper and warrior

Caeren Kovar, Dwarf mercenary

Caleb De Celedan, Human Rogue

Ciaran Hawke Human monster hunter from Peredur.

Drek'thul, Forged Orc necromancer

Elisabetta Harper, Spiderpuncher

Ellcrys, an elf doctor who disappeared from Farhaven in the latter part of 200 AC.

Elyan Edris, Human Artificer from Anatur

Enochos Agryakis (Retired), Manaborn Vitality Mage from New Agryos

Estan, Agryian Mage

Gweneira O’Drakesby, Peredur Manaborn

Gwenith Tyderian, Human archer from Peredur

Hálethuél, an elven fisherwoman from the Broken Isles

Ilanael, Arcane Attuned Elven Researcher, Vitality mage, and Medic (retired)

Menlui-Akar, Blood Elf fighter.

Nelsis, Human warrior and worshipper of the Spiral Dancer

Nífdir, an elven ranger from Calandor

Orrin Stonebreaker, an Imperial Dwarven Earth Mage.

Ragnarr Yngling, Human housecarl from Valmar

Rhaela Val-Zerrin, Human mercenary from a noble family

Ruintharon, elven follower of Athaya

"Sab", a manaborn artificer, saboteur and ex-member of the Blood.

Sanessa Terethor, Manaborn dream mage from Farhaven

Skablo, Forest Orc Vitalist, Alchemist and Dreamer.

Trystan Hawke, Human monster hunter from Peredur.

Ukmaz Ravenspear, Forest Orc shaman

Varamitha, Human mage from Valmar

Ygrenys, Agryan Shadow Mage and Courier

Z'tev Ravenspear, Forest Orc warrior

The Honoured Fallen

Korin Wharfelore, Human paladin from Peredur.

Veras Andersol, Manaborn Ranger from New Agryos

Tanimil, Elven swordsman, sworn to Thaurea and steeped in secrecy.

Memorable Quotes

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