Captain Avarian

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The most highly decorated Manaborn within the service of the Agryan Military.

An acomplished Arcanist, he gained notoriety during the battle of Deepdale by rescuing his unit when they became pinned down in the Orcish counter-attack.

Avarian is credited with over a dozen confirmed kills in the engagement which cost the life of nearly half the men under his command and could have resulted in the loss of everyone.

The "Avarian Act" was passed by the Triumvirate in 185AC affording Manaborn greater levels of protection with New Agryos.

Following the close of the war he went on to become a speaker for Manaborn rights, using his fame to champion a number of campaigns for equality until his death years later while fighting a troll incursion in the east.

Since his death Avarian has become a symbol for many Manaborn who strive to carry on his work to promote the cause of racial equality.