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Any spells that are drawn from the world's magical essence without any external mediation is an arcane spell. The casting of such a spell is usually induced by the utilisation of at least a verbal or somatic componant and otherwise relies only on the mage's mana reserves. Sometimes a mage will require additional components, such as a weapon or a reflective surface.

There is no one way to teach a mage their spells. Across the Realms budding mages have been historically taught their craft in various different ways. Agryan arcane studies and traditions are by far the most steeped in scholarly study and knowledge. While those practices of the Valmar have more of a place in mysticism and tradition.

As well as the capacity to shape, identify and manipulate raw arcane power, arcanists have the capacity to learn how to manipulate the elements or nature and how to create illusionary images.


The Arcane channelling list draws upon magic in its purest form in order to gain a deeper understanding of how arcane magic works. Because of this, Arcane casters are able to hone both their own magical talents and influence the casting of others. These casters are found in almost all cultures as researchers, teachers and experimenters in the fields of magic.


Artifice (also called sigil magic or runecrafting) is the art of channelling magic through specific glyphs that are carved, painted or inlaid into solid materials. How this works is a process comparable to that of a water mill; the sigil “draws” the magic of the area around it, which runs through in a way determined by the sigil to create a certain effect in a mimicry of how a mage might channel magic to create a spell.

Because of this, a major advantage of Artifice is that spells can be prepared, though there are limits depending on the materials used. It may also be used to create magical items or constructs, or coupled with ritual lore in order to create better rituals. The list is well known by a variety of names to most cultures, but is best known as being the foundation of Old and New Agryan power.


Combat magic is a catch-all term for magic which is channelled through weaponry and combat ability. A caster who used combat magic trains with a specific type of weapon to the extent that they are able to channel magic through it, allowing themselves to potentially match even the greatest warriors with magical might alone.

Combat magic is common wherever battlemages are, but is of particular interest to the Forged orcs of the Iron Hills and the dwarves of the Empire of Steel and Stone.