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Arastur, so named for the large herds of deer which roam it, is a wilder region than Taurë but a more fertile one. Once a neighbour of the province of Almarind, it became a barrier to the haunted Whispering Woods after the events of the Shadow War. Because of this the people of Arastaur are rightly famed for their woodcraft and their rangers – where armoured paladins fail, the lighter-armoured scouts of Arastaur may tread to bring the light of Aurvandil against the dark which rises from Zirakúl.

Nowadays the realm is more peaceful, backed up by the orc tribes of the Whispering Woods who themselves deal with much of the forest’s darker inhabitants. Despite the isolationism of these tribes a great friendship has been struck up between them and the rangers of Arastaur, built on their mutual respect and even love for the wild and dangerous forests they inhabit. It is not uncommon for bolder and younger members of both regions to visit the other to learn from their allies, leading to some key alliances down the years between orc and elf against the shadowy dead.

Arastaur holds the distinction of being the most friendly province to those elves who fall prey to Nature attunement. Though still seen (as elsewhere in Calandor) as undesirable, those who attune to Nature are not shunned in Arastaur but rather treated with a wary respect. Where possible they are integrated into the province’s defences, but those who have attuned too far and become too wild are granted as much solitude and protection as the Arastaurians can manage. This has occasionally caused conflict with their neighbours when attuned packs of beast-elves or ents have crossed the borders.


Arastaur has no fixed capital. A moving settlement named Raunthan, the Wandering Hall, can usually be found in the northern hills in summers and the southern forests of Arastaur during winters, moving to follow the herds and good weather. The people of Raunthan have a reputation for being wilder and more wilful than other Calandoreans, though not to the extent so far that they have invited censure from Aglarost.

Points of Interest

Orn Cyron

The Tree of the New Moon, this mighty oak is so called due to its supposed properties of renewal. The area around it is saturated in Nature magic, so much so that unattuned rarely venture there. Its most frequent visitors are those newly attuned to Nature, who claim that a night in the presence of Orn Cyron helps ease the changes happening to their flesh and grants peace of mind with their new state. In addition, the plants that grow in the shadow of the oak are reputed to have healing abilities, though this has not been conclusively proven due to it being fiercely guarded by the attuned.