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Annúras is a coastal province, directly below Helfalas. As a more southerly province it benefits from the warm weather that travels northwards up its shores, meaning Annúras has a pleasant, if often damp, climate. As well as fishing those of Annúras can also therefore cultivate farms inland, though these tend to be small.

Most of Annúras’ economy is based on trade; the flow thereof rather than providing goods or services themselves. The port of Annúlorn brings in goods from the outside, and the Gold Road allows swift passage directly to the capital. Facilitating and processing this trade has given rise to a strong merchant class in the province – those who can take the raw silk, spices and grains which flows from the sea and turn them into clothes and food, there to trade on again to Farhaven and the Empire. Though this undoubtedly makes Annúras a prosperous place to live for them, there are mutterings from some in less monetary professions that such focus on wealth as unvirtuous.


Annúlorn is the trading centre of Calandor and currently its largest city; though Aglarost is the centre of Calandor's politics and religion, Annúlorn is the source of its wealth. Goods from as far away as Anarost in Anaturu flow in to the port, to be distributed to the rest of Calandor. Annúlorn is also the base for the elven navy, which in recent times has received a significant boost in numbers and funds.

Annúlorn is perhaps the most cosmopolitan of Calandor's cities, of all places the one where other races and even attuned are relatively common and even accepted to a certain extent. Many of the attuned who end up at the port worship at the temple to Athaya near the centre of the city, a humble building compared to the cathedral of Aurvandil it stands beside but nevertheless popular.

The city has in modern times mostly recovered from its bombardment over two decades ago by the white ship Godsplitter, though there are still scars to be seen near the docks from the ship's arcane cannons.

Points of Interest


A large grave-garden near the eastern border of Annúras, Alyalda is so named both for its inhabitants – most of whom were especially prominent merchants or farmers – and for its wide orchard of many different fruit trees. The grove is tended by gardeners led by a young ent named Garthaorn who also distributes the fruits and berries from the glade to those he deems worthy.