Agryan views on other Nations

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Of the general thoughts, opinions and views of one nation to another.


"Bunch of high and mighty traitors the lot of them, twice we had them on their knees until they ran off to their "allies"..."


"Preachers and blowhards, they think themselves above us. They fear the power we wield for the threat it will taint them."

Orc Highlands

"We have a long history our races, one that would of been much shorter for them had things been different."

"They cower in the woods, close themselves off from the world and cling to their "old ways". Served them no better in the past than it will now."

Dwarven Empire

"Our allies upon this isle. We have traded with them for centuries and they are an honourable race. We understand each other."

The Valmar

"They were of Agryos once but they have spent too long in the north. Truth be told they are probably more dwarven than Agryan now, and they aren't better off for it.."


" "The Free City"... Its not so much a city. Not like the noble states of Agryos. Its little more than a open sewer, teeming with vermin that fight to rule the shit they run through."

The Lost Lands

" Lost? no... its just waiting for someone with the strength of mind to claim it. Once it has been cleaned up of course."

Ogre Kingdoms

"Ahh, now there is an interesting land. What I wouldn't give to get up there and explore those ruins. Of course, its natives present a problem. Not that such an issue has stopped us before."