War rages across the Orion Confederacy, a war against the merciless and unstoppable invasion of an enemy whose nano-technology turns the dead to their side. The eyes of humanity are locked on the front lines, survival all they can contemplate.

But behind the borders, on worlds untouched by conflict but feeling its iron grip, in hearts driven by panic, in cold minds seizing opportunities, terror reins. Life goes on beyond war, and with life comes death, murder, theft; mankind’s sins spiralling out of control with nobody to curb them

As humanity fights for its existence on the front lines, it is down to Echo Team to step into the homes and hearts of mankind – and fight for its soul.

The ECHO CASE FILES is a series of science fiction thrillers.

 Book 1: Ragnarok


The six star systems of the Orion Confederacy are under attack from an enemy humanity never expected and cannot understand. And the crime rate’s through the roof.

While the Null War rages on border worlds, the average citizen is more likely to be murdered by their neighbour than killed by the enemy. This is true most of all on the planet Thor, in the grips of the violent terrorists denouncing the government who call themselves ‘Ragnarok’ – for now is the end of all worlds. Police are targeted, peaceful protests turn to gun battles, civilians are shot in the streets, and they’re using stolen military weapons to do it all.

Into this chaos are sent Commander Sara Ramirez and Lieutenant Maggie Tycho, Marshals with the mandate to hunt criminals across the Confederacy. Their only guide is John Harrigan, a disgraced Marine whose freedom depends on his helping them – and who seems to know more than he’s letting on. But Thor is a hot-bed of corruption and as humanity fights a war for its survival, Ramirez and Tycho find themselves fighting for a whole world – and, while society burns, the humanity in themselves.

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Book 2: Hope in Hel


The freighter should have been blasted out of the stars on sight.

It was little surprise the Gerontius went missing six months ago, along with its cargo. Piracy in the Orion Confederacy is at an all-time high, and the Null are a perpetual threat. Then she appeared at the edges of the Altair System, floating with no life signs, answering no hails.

Such ships are common Null traps, ambushes for those who would investigate. The Hel Picket’s standard protocol is to blow them up and ask questions later. But the Gerontius’ haul was a cargo of military-grade torpedoes, and their fate is of greater concern to Naval Command than standard protocols, or the risk.

Scrambled to the investigation are Confederate Marshals Commander Ramirez and Sergeant Harrigan. This is their first case together: plunging aboard a dead ship that could be crawling with enemy Null, backed up by a Marine unit that desperately wants to be somewhere else – anywhere else. And Admirals want answers.

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