My first Baldur's Gate Novel. The Bhaalspawn is a Human male Swashbuckler named Harrian Corias, who happens to be at a slight disadvantage in his quest to rescue Imoen thanks to the fact that, as a rogue, he cannot enlist the aid of Bodhi, and he refuses to have anything to do with the Shadow Thieves. As you can imagine, this leads the quest down a considerably different path...


The sequel to Tide of Chaos, the Throne of Bhaal conclusion of the tales of Harrian, Jaheira, Imoen, Anomen, Reynald, Sarevok, and many others. With the Prophecies coming to a head and death covering Tethyr, wars are raged and cities burn - and yet there is more than that at stake, as struggles are more than merely the physical. When a dead god whispers in your ear, promising power and sweet death, it is so very easy to lose yourself to them. And then, if that happens, if the strongest of the Children of Bhaal fall to their father's sway, the world falls also...


A tale of three of our favourite Harpers, dealing with their past. Going into the hazy days of pre-Bhaalspawn, Those who Harp is set twenty-five years before Baldur's Gate, and deals with the meeting of Khalid and Jaheira, their friendship with Gorion, the tale behind the slaver incident with Ployer, and just why the Harper Belgrade happened to have a lock of Jaheira's hair with him which he carried around for Ployer to find and use...


Baldur's Gate Vignettes...


Following the death of her father, Geran De'Arnise, Nalia contemplates her future, past, and the man who saved her home. After all, it is rather jarring when your knight in shining armour calls you a stupid girl right after rescuing you.

Dreams of Time

Boreas of Candlekeep has moved heaven and earth to reach Spellhold swiftly to save his sister from the tender mercies of the Cowled Wizards. But sometimes it doesn't matter how fast we run... we can still be too late.

Going Down in Flames

Written for a Quiz on crossover universes in The Attic. A very non-serious imagining of what might occur if certain members of the Tide of Destiny universe ended up in a modern day world heavily inspired by Tarantino movies and Grand Theft Auto games.

The Deal and The Set-Up

Written for the same Quiz as above. A clashing of universes, this time into the Star Wars universe, set at the time of the Knights of the Old Republic games. A brief series of encounters, full of Jedi, Smugglers, Sith, and the hijinks we know and love.


The Bhaal-taint is a strange and powerful thing, capable of corrupting even the strongest of adventurers. But it is not always the simple call for blood which can bring about that downfall. Sometimes, fear of the Bhaal-taint itself is enough to let it win.


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