Just Slide Publishing was set up by a small team of writers looking to work together in bringing their stories to the world. Our inspirations, genres, and styles vary, but we share a passion for our work and our writing. It is far from our intention to avoid traditional publishing as a means of dodging quality control or editors, but to instead use the freedom to tell our own stories in the best possible way.

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CS Stinton – Author of The Echo Case Files


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CS Stinton was born in London, grew up in Hertfordshire and Paris, went to university in Lancaster, and milled about until the churning words that demanded writing eventually turned into a coherent book.

Growing up, reading was something to do even sneakily after bed-time, and she went on to be a lover of Nicholas Evans, Louis de Bernières, Terry Pratchett, and many more. Inspirations for science fiction came from another source, her brother inflicting Star Wars and Star Trek on her at a young age until she realised she actually liked it.

Writing her own stories became inevitable, though they’ve taken many forms. The unspoken tales in her head, the adventures explored and told through role-playing games, a vast array of fiction (even, shockingly, fanfiction) which made its way to the internet over the years. Some of this she’ll even own to writing, but ‘Ragnarok’ is the first story she’ll call an actual book and send out to public eyes under her own name.